Before Satyameva Jayate became a very very popular TV show, these very words were part of an ancient scripture that found place on our Indian national emblem. These words in Devanagari script still hold their reigning position, but to a certain sect of people they mean only one thing – Amir Khan.  Personally, I like the format of the show but I would have liked it more if the producers started telecasting it at 12pm instead of 11am. You see, we people you call ‘youth’, also the TA of this show, wake up post 12pm usually with a hangover. Though we don’t mind missing the beginning, but it would just be nice if the show did full justice towards its advertisers.

Having said that, I like the show. Amir Khan is the only candidate who could have anchored it so flawlessly. Yes, ‘an anchor’, not a social activist, that’s what you call a person who hosts a show. But here the plot changes drastically, for some strange reason he is in the midst of anchoring a social change in the nation. I don’t understand how and why, or under which rock have I been living, but the show has become something! I don’t know what, can’t put a finger on it yet, but it is something. Kindly sense the ambiguity.

Viewers, rather Indians (I share the same TA as the show), need to understand that the Satyameva Jayate is a SHOW. Before telecasting it, the show is shot , edited and then broadcasted. Like any other soap opera, it runs on TRPs and advertising revenue, not social change.

This shows that in comparison to a politician (who is covered under the RTI, which means that you can file an RTI and get to know of his/her assets) people would actually trust a Bollywood Celebrity (who doesn’t fall under the RTI act and there is no way of exposing his/her financial assets). Have you ever read about a money scam that involves celebrities?

Bravo India, you deserve a standing ovation. Your power of glorifying a TV show just amazes me. Over the years, I might have become dubious of the whole ‘seeing is believing’ philosophy, courtesy India TV, but don’t you think you are giving a show way too much credit for showing things that we already know exists?

In the past and in the present, individuals have been catalyst of a social change, but their names have featured only in regional books that are not placed in air-conditioned book stores. Perhaps I am being too cynical, but a TV show is governed by its sponsors. Usually on a Sunday morning I am not so argumentative but do you realize that  the producers, sponsors and other powerful entities of this TV fraternity can pull the plug anytime? Do you know what that means? Social change comes to a full-stop. Scripts about fighting against injustice gets formatted for a new show that will take its place.

Right now, I am up in arms because I probably know finer details of a particular episode of this so called Satyameva Jayate show where the truth was under wraps, names of the people who did a heinous act were not mentioned. It’s a game of money, corporate power and TRPs; it has all become evident now.

After having viewed episodes of Satyameva Jayate, I present my perceptions:

Satya is now sugar-coated. Satya needs a pretty face so who better than a Bollywood celebrity. Satya leads to invoking feelings, so who better than a set of paid emotional studio audience members. Moreover, Satya has fixed prime-time slots.

It is a sad state of affairs that we are falling prey to such marketing gimmicks in the name of ‘truth’. However, ten years down the line I hope people still remember the originality of the scripture and not the pretty face that showed convenient truth in a way that helped a production house earn a lot of moolah.

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