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As various parts of Gujarat are still recovering from a bad hangover, (following the drinking game they invented during Rahul Gandhi’s interview which entitled them to down a shot of aamrass every time he said RTI/women empowerment/ transparency in system), the country at large seems to be in a state of shock. View full article »

The General elections of 2014 is just around the corner, and did you know that Eat Around The Corner (Bandra) now has a door policy?! With over 22 political parties vying for the top spot, these elections are going to be one hell of a game-changer. And that’s why I thought I must post a blog on my political preferences! Hoping that I don’t get imprisoned for exercising my ‘freedom of speech’, so here it goes: top 4 reasons of why you should vote for the UPA government: View full article »

A new job, a new office, a new location; another excuse to unearth some culinary delights. With an office in Dadar, exposure to different types of cuisines reach an all-time high. But here, I am not going to write about some fancy restaurant where an average lunch for two will cost Rs. 1200/-, instead I am going to tell you about a place we call “aunty’s”.

Located near J K Sawant Marg, Dadar (W), the place is formally called ‘Shree Sidhivinayak Polli Bhajji Kendra’. What is so different about this place? Well, to begin with, it is not a formal sit-down restaurant , it is in fact, a Maharashtrian lunch-home. No. literally. It is a lunch-home during the day and then transforms itself into a cozy abode for its Maharashtrian residents. The place is run by a family of 4. Open for lunch 365 days, the lunch-home’s eating arrangement is divided between the house’s hall and its adjoining veranda. To attract the attention of mere passers-by, a mention of the day’s special is usually updated on a board.


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I’m going to cut to the chase of even acquainting you with this topic as I don’t want more women to fall prey to horrendous wooing techniques, which is being increasingly applied across major Indian cities. Perhaps as I type this post, another woman somewhere in India is being subjected to some atrocious wooing, which is right now making her question the very existence of her male counterpart’s IQ. View full article »

Before Satyameva Jayate became a very very popular TV show, these very words were part of an ancient scripture that found place on our Indian national emblem. These words in Devanagari script still hold their reigning position, but to a certain sect of people they mean only one thing – Amir Khan.   View full article »

Once again we meet.

Like always, it’s a room of shadows.

A flimsy source of light,

Illuminating your bright smile,

Deepening your dimples further. View full article »

Were clubs shut last night? Because I know for a fact that the world and its sister was queuing up outside theatres to watch something so dirty that left even the most raunchiest Brazilian grinder seem insipid in the real sense of the word. View full article »

I Choose Not To

I gave them a break; a much needed respite.

They expressed their angst against your deeds,

they showered you with flattery,

but now they cease to exist. View full article »

Don’t worry no venom here, only coconut chutney

If you are a resident or  a native of Gujarat, then this post is strictly not meant for you, especially if you have a soft corner for the place. Infact, you will only be wasting your time as things I am going to elaborate upon may sound totally out of context for you, so please save yourself the trouble and the ‘cocomallu bashing’.   View full article »

Aborted Words

My feather like fingers could be entangled in your motherly fingers.
Your gentle kiss could soothe my tense nerves.
Take me around when I am brave enough to enter this oh-so-ruthless world.
But are you brave enough to welcome me into this sunlight?
When it is a natural process of conception and birth,
then why this unnatural end?
In this battle I am not the victim,

It is you.
You are killing a part of your body.
You are losing a second heart.
The blood that ran through your veins once ran through mine too.

When everything is the same then why are our thoughts so different?

The same hand that would pull my cheeks,

Would be cruel enough to put me to sleep?

Mine is a silent death,

My screams won’t haunt you.

But the emptiness of your womb will.


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